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The Corinthian Restaurant, conveniently located in Clifton, has been serving authentic Greek food since 1983. Dining under a spectacular array of plants, cascading beneath a three-story skylight has been a 17-year tradition for Cincinnatians and out-of-town visitors with ethnic tastes.

Housed in a hundred year plus building that once served as a garage for carriages, the Corinthian restaurantEntrance to the Corinthian is rich with history. After the invention of automobiles, the Corinthian was the City Garage, storing city-owned vehicles. In spite of the fact that the building was an old garage, the owners have created an atmosphere that has the warmth to make everyone feel welcome.

The Corinthian is owned and operated by

FayFay andNickNick Katsaounis.
Fay is a native New Yorker, while Nick is originally from the city of Patras, the third largest (and most beautiful) city in Greece.

All food is fresh and prepared to order.(--no fast-food microwave here--) For a real treat, try Souvlaki: marinated pork served over rice pilaf with fresh mushrooms. Or order the Mezai plate, a specialty of the house.

The restaurant is open at 11:A.M. for lunch Monday through Friday. Specials are prepared daily.

To learn more about Greece and Greek food, click the little Parthenon PARTHENON and enjoy!

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